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Injury Prevention and Assement



Most classes include a warm-up at the start of class, BUT sometimes we don’t have time!  You need to insure that you do your own warm-up and stretch before every class.



If you already have an existing injury, make sure you inform you teacher BEFORE class starts so he/she is aware.  If you sustain an injury during class, YOU MUST tell your teacher straight away so the correct action can take place.



You should never dance on an injury.  The best therapy for an injury is rest.  As hard as it is, sometimes it’s the only cure!   Otherwise old injuries will creep back and cause more problems later.

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Warm up

WARMING UP THE BODY   Dancers have been called the “athletes of the theatre” but in reality they differ greatly from athletes.  Dancers are not as concerned with the outcome as athletes are.  They do not train to compete, to be the fastest, the strongest, or the one with most endurance.  It is the quality of the movement that matters most.  Dancers develop their muscles groups to the fullest without allowing the development to show.  Ballet in particular does not bulk up the body, but rather defines it.  That’s why ballet training is regarded as body sculpting as opposed to bodybuilding.

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Where are they now

Read all about past and present students and what they are doing now.

Kymberleigh Cowley

Kymberleigh commenced ballet training in her small birth town of Inverell, she trained at Craze Dance Academy from 2004-2007 before moving to Sydney to continue her training with Josephine Jason and Allan Cross at the McDonald College. In 2012 Kymberleigh graduated from the English National Ballet School, London.  During training in London she performed with English National Ballet on a national tour of My First Sleeping Beauty where she danced the lead of Aurora. After graduation Kymberleigh performed with English National Ballet in their season of Derek Deane’s Swan Lake in the Round at Royal Albert Hall.  She later joined Vienna Festival Ballet where she danced for two seasons before joining West Australian Ballet. Whilst with Vienna Festival Ballet, Kymberleigh performed many soloist roles as well as the Principal role of ‘Odile’ in Swan Lake.


Rikki Mason - After studying Karate for 13 years, Rikki started to take class with Craze Dance Academy. Whilst studying, Rikki joined the NSW Regional Dance Ensemble, before training at Australian Dance Performance Institute (ADPI) and performing with the Brisbane Youth City Ballet Company. He then went overseas, training with L’Ecole-Atelier Rudra-Bejart and Bejart Ballet Company.Rikki has performed with Lucid Dance Theatre (Dancing with Bach, 2011, Surge, 2013) and Queensland National Ballet (The Nutcracker, 2011). He has also performed on national television, appearing in Everybody Dance Now (2012) and So You Think You Can Dance (2014).  Rikki joined Bangarra in 2014 and his highlights include travelling to and performing in remote communities during the Kinship and Spirit regional tour, and performing in Patyegarang on the 2014 national tour.


Daisy Sonter-Kelso danced at Craze Dance Academy for 2004-2010.  Wanting a career in dance she auditioned and was acceptd in RAW full time coarse. In 2012 she auditioned for Star Cruises and was offered a contract on the Virgo Cruise Liner. In 2013 Daisy joined Vincent Vignaud Magic Show as a Magicians Assistant/Dancer with the Cruise Liner.  Wanting feet on dry land she accepted a contract at the Palazzo, Alexander Kunz Theatre, Saarbrucken Germany.  In 2014 she again travelled the sea on Star Cruises.  Daisy has now settled back in Brisbane and is teaching and studying.

Daisy's Dancing Dream


Megan Longhurst her love of Song and Musical Theatre, saw her study dance to enhance her career in the music industry.  With the voice of an angel she moved on after finishing school, competing on "The Voice".  Megan has since followed her dream and is writing and performing her own songs.

Megan Makes Her Move


Holly Mackie studied dance at Craze Dance Academy from 2004-2009, when she moved to Sydney to train at Macdonald College, after 12 months the family moved to the Gold Coast and Holly followed.  Holly then trained at Dance Force until securing a contract at Moulin Rouge where is continues to dance.


Lily Mackie started at Craze Dance Academy in 2004 and studied with us until the end of 2010 when the family moved to the Gold Coast.  Lily continued her dance training at Dance Force and has this year (2016) secured a contract on Celebrity Cruises and is now living the dream tour the world.


Millie Cracknell studied with Craze Dance Academy for 10 years. Millie studied Classical, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Hip Hop.  Her love was Hip Hop and Jazz and adutioned successfully to continue her studies at Brent St in Sydney in 2015.  She is continuing to persue a career in the commercial dance area.


Shayde Cavenagh moved to Brisbane in 2014 and studied full time at ADPI.  Since finishing her coarse she is teaching in studios and auditioning with the hope of breaking into the commercial dance area.


Tarah House made the move to Brisbane in 2015 to study at RAW.  She has since completed her 12 month coarse and is currently teaching at several studios in and around Brisbane.


Eloise Moore the little pocket rocket studied at Craze until the end of 2014 when she auditioned for MacDonald College and was accepted into their Classical Ballet stream.  She is continuing her schooling along with her dance.  This year (2016) Eloise danced the main in the ballet Coppellia.  I am sure we will see her name up high one day very soon.


Mary-Grace Dolbel started ballet with Craze Dance Academy in 2004.  With her dream of dancing for a career is auditioned for ADPI and commenced her studies in Brisbane in 2016.  Mary-Grace is another one with the determination to succeed.





Going on Pointe

These are the most important aspects of ballet that must be understood before going en pointe.

1. Technique and strength. The important criteria that teachers want met before pointe:

-The strength to hold turnout consistently while dancing.

-The strength to hold all aspects of the upper body correctly. That includes stomach, ribcage, spine, neck, head, hips and shoulders.

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Parents - Support your budding dancer

Supporting your budding dancer  

Educating children should not be just about preparing them for future employment, the child should also be exposed to experiences that will develop them emotionally and physically and enrich their ability to express themselves. Dance in particular helps to fulfil these needs by developing qualities and abilities that have very practical applications. Qualities such as grace, co-ordination and poise. Dance is also an excellent recreational activity with the added advantage of helping to develop well shaped, strong bodies.

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Class Act

A guide to Dance Class Etiquette at Craze Dance Academy.


Arriving on time for dancing shows respect for teachers, peers and the dance institution.
It also ensures that you warm up safely and thoroughly in preparation for your workout ahead, attempt to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to prepare. You can use this time to communicate any information to the teacher, such as injuries, illness or a need to leave class early.

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A Career in Dance?


What qualities do I need to become a professional dancer?
Being in love with dancing is not enough. The training is too hard, too long and too demanding to attempt if you are not entirely committed to what you are doing. However, if you are, dance will be the most satisfying, most enjoyable part of your life. You will be able to spend most of your time doing something you enjoy, and your training will give you heights of exhilaration and a sense of purpose that few other occupations can match.

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