Performances, Concerts, Eisteddfods & Competitions

Performance Groups
The school's intermediate and senior performance groups represent the studio at competitions and various functions throughout the year.  Students audition for their place in the group, however, participation in the performance groups is not necessarily restricted to the best dancers.  Students who display willingness to improve, teamwork and great dedication are also welcome to audition to be part of the groups.


Annual Concert
The studio's annual concert is usually held early December of each year and all students are encouraged to participate. This year 2010 it will be held in mid August, due to the town hall being unavailable at our usual time.  The concert is a wonderful way for students to gain performance experience, and for families and friends to celebrate their development.  There are several performances of the show and students are encouraged to perform in all if possible.


2014 The Little Mermaid and 'Movie' Dance Spectacular 2014

What a wonderful, colourful performance.  Amazing choreography and professional performances from all of the students. The part of Areial being beautifully portrayed by Eloise Moore, King Triton strongly dance by Millie Cracknell and The Evil Ursula surperbly portrayed by Tarah House.


2013 Unfortunately due to the Inverell Town Hall being closed to the public for renovations we were unable to perform our annual concert. But we will be back next year for in August to perform for everyone.


2012 BedTime Stories & Dance Spectacular 2012

Three wonderful stories performed on the stage with wonderful the stories being told through dance.  Hansel & Gretel, The Pide Piper and Little Red Riding Hood.  The story book came to life with the students performing the brilliant choreography to fabulous music in colourful costumes infront of a brilliant set. The Main cast of Eloise Moore - 'Gretal', Rosie Schreck-Irwin - 'Hansel,  Millie Cracknell - 'The Pied Piper', Makayla Hobday - 'Little Red Riding Hood'


2011 Tinkerbell & Dance Spectacular 2011

The wonderful, colourful and energetic performance, was performed in front of 4 school performances and 3 full house public performances. The students are professional performers who enjoy showing their skills to their peers and the public.


2010 The Enchanted Wardrobe and Dance Spectacular 2010

Another brilliant production. Held from Wednesday August 10th through to  Saturday 14th the students performed to full houses.  Congratulations again to all the students, you are all true professionals. 

2009 Cinderella and Musical Dance Spectacular `09 with a Tribute to Michael Jackson
Another huge sucess performing to three full house public performances and three full house school performances.
Congratulations to all the talented students. The 'Fairy Godmother' was danced by Daisy Sonter-Kelso.

2008 Alice in Wonderland and Dance ‘08
was a huge success with over 1500 people watching the show over the week.

I’d like to thank everyone involved as it would not have been possible without the help of dressers backstage, helpers front of house, costume designers, lighting technicians, stage managers, ticket sellers & all my teachers.  Everyone helped out for a smooth running and wonderful concert. Daisy Sonter-Kelso danced the comical part of 'The Queen of Hearts'


2007 Mary Poppins and Dance Showcasea brilliant production with 'Bert' being danced by the brilliant Rikki Mason and 'Mary Poppins' by the wonderful Daisy Sonter-Kelso, 'Jane Banks" by the amzing classical dancer Kymberleigh Cowley.  The cast supported these two dances with energy and committment.


2006 The Nutcracker and Dance Spectacular with the magical Christmas Tree and the brilliant dancers another great spectacular was created.

'Kymberleigh Cowley danced the strong part of 'The Nutcracker' and Holly Mackie shared the part of 'Clara' with Brittany Hawkins and Daisy Sonter-Kelso as the 'The Sugar Plum Fairy'.


2005 The Wizzard of Oz magic at its best, the concepts of the Yellow Brick Road was brilliant, a very strong performance by all the main cast especially that of Dorothy danced by Kymberleigh Cowley and the Lion by Miss Becky and Daisy Sonter-Kelso as Gilda - Good witch of the East.


2004 Beauty and the Beast and Chicago Jazz Spectacular our very first production, with a small cast who performed beautifully.  Kymberleigh Cowley stared as 'Belle' and lead the new performers in their very first major production. Daisy Sonter-Kelso swept accross the stage as 'Le Plume'


Previous Productions


The Little Mermaid 2014




Unfortunately due to the upgrade of the Inverell Town Hall, we were unable to have our annual production.


BedTime Stories 2012 

(Hansel & Gretel/The Pied Piper/Little Red Riding Hood)



Tinkerbell 2011


The Enchanted Wardrobe 2010


Cinderella 2009


Alice in Wonderland 2008


Mary Poppins 2007


The Nutcracker 2006

The Wizzard of Oz  2005

Beauty and the Beast 2004



The most regular form of dance competition is the local eisteddfod.  Eisteddfods are conducted a number of times each year throughout the area and can be a wonderfully rewarding experience for students, providing valuable stage experience and exposure to their peers.  Dancers wishing to compete in eisteddfod competition (solo or otherwise) will require private or semi-private lessons to prepare.  Please speak to your teacher if you would like more information about performing in these events.  Students in the performance groups will complete in the group categories at the Inverell Eisteddfod as well as several other eisteddfods during the year.

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