Children from the age of three (3) are instructed in dance which includes exercise which help with co-ordination and general motor skills.  This is done in a fun and playful way in the ballet class.






Students from the age of five can begin to learn the beautiful and graceful art of ballet.  Our qualified teachers guide students as they work to develop strength, balance, poise and artistry in the ballet class.  Students will learn syllabus work which will allow them to undertake examinations or presentation ballet classes with the Royal Academy of Dancing, the largest international classical ballet education organisation in the world.  The Academy operates in over 84 countries.  Their syllabus is the most comprehensive, well structured and relevant classical ballet program available.




Children usually go up on pointe from the around the age of 12, this depends on a lot of things, such as strength, maturity, ability and length of time they have been doing ballet.

Please refer to our 'Going on Pointe' information, in our Student Information section.

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